1. Tillers&Centerboards

EECBS has rudders, centerboards and other wooden boat memorabilia for sale.  Contact us for specific items and prices.”

2. Italian Rowing Canoe

Our donor received the canoe as a gift in 1945; it had been bought second hand from the Taroni boatyard.  He believes the canoe was originally built in the 1930’s, and recalls seeing one similar.  He used the canoe on Lake Maggiore where the family had a summer house.  The canoe has what appears to be a mast partners, but he never had or knew of a mast. (The canoe has no other sailing indicators such as rudder fittings, center or dagger board trunk, etc.)  The canoe was left in Italy when he came to the US and finally brought over in 1994.  He used it on Noyack Bay to fish and other recreation until 2014. 


3. Two Beetle Cats

Two Beetle Cats, one fully restored in excellent condition:  $6500. 

 The other needs restoration.