1. Tillers&Centerboards

EECBS has rudders, centerboards and other wooden boat memorabilia for sale.  Contact us for specific items and prices. 

When The East End Classic Boat Society has boat for sale you can find them at: https://longisland.craigslist.org and then enter eecbs.org in the seach box on that page.   




2. Catspaw Dinghy

Sold 11’ Sailing dinghy, “Catspaw”, carvel cedar on oak frames, mahogany trim, sail, oars, trailer, cover.  Good condition. $5,500.


3. Sunshine Tender

SOLD  11’ Sailing dinghy, ”Sunshine Tender”, lapstrake cedar on oak frames, mahogany trim. Sail, oars, trailer, cover.  Excellent condition. $7,000.

See on CraigslistLI  longisland.craigslist.org/boa/d/amagansett-sunshine-tender/7305373120.html


4. Catalina

SOLD  Catalina 16.5 traditional sloop-rigged daysailor with main and genoa designed for 2 or more, with trailer and 2 hp Honda.  $5500. Negotiable