1. Tillers&Centerboards

EECBS has rudders, centerboards and other wooden boat memorabilia for sale.  Contact us for specific items and prices.”

2. Dunphy


Dunphys are cold molded plywood boats, a process developed in the 1950's  This runabout has been renovated with new hardware and the vintage Johnson outboard restored.  $7500.00.  See "Boat Shop >> Restorations" on this web site.

3. Beetle Cat

The Molly Gann; a beautifully restored Beetle Cat:  $6500. 

See "Boat Shop >> Restorations" at this web site.



4. Hobe Cat 16

Hobe Cat 16. 2009 model, carbon fiber rudders. Top end model.
Trailer not included.   $5500.